Two Ways to Order Young Living Oils & Products

Young Living essential oils and products compliment your goals toward a healthy lifestyle. The Premium Starter Kit is your ultimate wellness tool kit to support your body, mind and spirit to design the life you were meant to live!

Order Option 1 - Become a Customer

Young Living’s customer accounts offer you the ability to purchase oils and products at full retail price without needing to purchase a starter kit. If this is the right option for you, please see the directions below:

  1. Click HERE.
  2. Be sure that ‘Retail Customer’ is checked.
  3. Leaave my Enroller and Sponsor ID # 1890383 on the form where it asks you who introduced you to Young Living (so I can provide assistance to you should you have questions).
  4. Fill in your personal information (name, address, email address, phone number).
  5. Create a username, password, and PIN number for yourself. Hang onto this info for future logins at
  6. Shop away & please contact me if you need anything.


Order Option 2 (BEST DEAL) Become a Wholesale Member and Save 24% (no obligations)



The Premium Starter Kit: Most Popular & Economical

It comes with the diffuser of your choice, ELEVEN 5-ml bottles of pure essential oils (Stress Away, Lavender, Frankincense, R.C., Panaway, Purification, Thieves Vitality, Lemon Vitality, Peppermint Vitality, DiGize Vitality & Copaiba Vitality), two samples NingXia Red, 10 sample oil packets and more!

New Premium Starter Kit from Young Living


Save 24% for Life

By purchasing a Premium Starter Kit, you’ll automatically become a wholesale member with Young Living, saving you 24% on all of your orders for life when you log in to your account at

No Obligations

There are no strings attached to wholesale membership. You do not have to sell the products nor do you need to purchase on a regular basis.

Welcome Gift From Me

BONUS GIFTS! Choose from two awesome gift sets (below) as my thank you to you for purchasing your Premium Starter Kit from me! PLUS you’ll become a member of our Oil Moxie community where you’ll receive support and the opportunity to access for helpful & private Website & Facebook communities. Learn more about Oil Moxie HERE!




Ready to get your Premium Starter Kit AND your free gifts from me?

Order Your Premium Starter Kit

  1. Click HERE to begin your purchase.
  2. Be sure that ‘Member’ is checked.
  3. Choose your country and language on the lower left.
  4. Be sure my member number, 1890383, is visible the enroller and sponsor area (so you get your free gifts from me).
  5. Click ‘Continue.’ You’ll see a pop up with my name, Jamie Reynolds. Click ‘Continue’ again.
  6. Fill in your personal information (name, phone, email, address, etc.).
  7. Create a username, password & 4 digit pin. Write these down somewhere because you’ll need them any time you contact customer service.
  8. Choose business if you’ll be using a tax ID number or individual if you’ll be using your social security number. If you’re unwilling to use your social security number, you can quickly and easily register for an EIN number here. This information is necessary because as a wholesale member, you do have the OPTION to earn commissions, but this is never required.
  9. Choose the Premium Starter Kit & diffuser your would like to get started with.
  10. Choose whether you’d like to enroll in our customer loyalty Essential Rewards program. By enrolling today, you’ll begin earning points back toward products immediately, but you can also choose to enroll at any time in the future if you choose to do so.
  11. Choose whether you would like to add any additional items to your order. Be sure to check out the monthly promotions and keep them in mind as you are placing your order.
  12. Finish your shopping, choose your shipping method & place your order.


You’ll be hearing from me shortly in an email from Jamie@InfusedWithWellness.

For future orders, you will log into your account at and use your created username and password above to log in for easy shopping.

Having Trouble?

See the video below to view a two-minute video tutorial. If you’d like more personalized service, I would be so happy to help you over the phone! Just use my contact feature in the lower right corner and I’ll normally get back to you in less than 24 hours. 

Entire Product Catalog…

To view Young Living’s entire 2016 product catalog with wholesale and retail prices, you can find the online edition here.






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