Love and Libido with Essential Oils

Are You in the Mood for Love?

Maybe you’re feeling in the mood for some extra love and romance this month…or maybe you’re not! Either way, these diffuser recipes and roll-on recipes will encourage your inner spirit of love and give your libido some extra kick! Scent alone is one of the most powerful influencers of our emotions and the blends are just what you need to get in the mood.

Keep Your Love Potions Safe

The absolute best thing about using essential oils on your body and in your home is that they’re free from chemicals. That scented body lotion, caramel candle and linen spray you purchased are most likely causing you more physical and emotional problems than you realize. Did you know that most American’s bodies are heavily burdened with chemicals? And many of these toxic offenders actually break down our immune systems because they’re actually neurotoxic, hormone-altering, respiratory system disrupting and that’s just for starters.

So, this Valentine’s Day, stick to pure essential oils for embracing romance in your life! Create an atmosphere of love in your home with the diffuser recipes below and use the roll on recipes to get in the mood for love. It’s that simple!

Need Some Oils?

Don’t know where to start with essential oils? Well, I can tell you for certain, you want the best quality oils because you don’t want to be putting oils on your body or breathing oils in that have synthetic chemicals in them. That’s crazy! With essential oils, you really do get what you pay for. I like to say it’s like the difference between Mad Dog 20/20 and a fine wine. Want to learn more? Click here for an Oils 101 audio where you’ll learn the basics of essential oils. Ready to get started with essential oils? Click here to get your oils!

Romantic Diffuser Recipes

Roll One Recipes for Romance

Disclaimer: *The information on this website is based upon my research and personal use of Young Living Essential Oils. I am not a doctor. The statements, products and techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please read the full disclaimer here.