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Okay, let’s be honest…

How are you feeling about where you are right now? Do you feel overworked, stretched too thin or like you just want more time for yourself, your family, your wellness goals?

Do you want to be an amazing mom, spouse, professional? But basically, you feel you’re doing an average job of most things?

Is guilt plaguing your life? You lost your temper, fed your kids cereal for dinner, forgot a meeting…

Do you feel like you deserve more in life? Or if you just had a little more time, you could be better at everything?

Wouldn’t you love to have more energy, more happiness, less guilt?

Well, you are in the right place and I can’t wait to help you to live your life infused!

Whether you’re looking to support yourself emotionally or physically, create healthier habits for your family or even develop yourself personally, I’ve got you covered here.  For example, did you know that the everyday cleaners you’re using could be messing with your body and mind?  And what about essential oils? Did you know that daily use of these drops of goodness can help you adjust your attitude and support your wellness?

How did I get here?

I’ll be honest, I went through life checking the boxes. Go to college…check. Get a job…check! Find a supportive man you love…double check. Start a family….check & check! I followed the formula! And of course, I felt blessed and wouldn’t trade my life. So, why didn’t I feel complete?

I’ll tell you why. Because I was exhausted, unhealthy and most-definitely trying to be super-woman all while feeling guilty that really…I was doing an average at everything. Being a mom is the most amazing gift in the world, but sometimes we’re so busy trying to stay organized, keep the house clean, manage the family’s schedule…that we forget to enjoy this amazing ride!  And it never fails, just when you start to vent or accept that life is just busy and you’re doing okay, a well-meaning person says ‘be sure to take in every moment’ or ‘it goes so fast, enjoy it now.’

So, do you know what I did for a few years? I poured myself into my job. I did. I thought if I could be something there, that I would feel complete. In the end, this just pushed me deeper into my guilt and need for something else.

You could definitely say I received a big wake-up call in 2011 when my health and stress levels were a bit out of control. The blessing here was that this started my journey to realizing what I really want in life. It’s taken me some time but along the way, I’ve found me. I’ve found healthier options for my family and I’ve also realized that my true purpose is helping people to help themselves…and that includes me, my daughters, my husband and YOU!

I am currently living in my awakening; my journey to ‘how I want things to be.’ And I love it! Oh my gosh, this is the biggest lesson I can teach my daughters. That you can change your mind, your life and your priorities. That people who love you will support you through this. That you can be what you want to be and you can make a difference in this world!

Is it easy? Not always. Is it worth it? Absolutely!

So come on, join me. Get inspired, get real…look at what you really want in life. Maybe you can’t change everything today, but I know you can make some small changes that will make you feel more complete. When you feel more complete, you will attract more of what you want in your life. And that’s the truth.

Some random facts about me…

  • My wonderful husband and our two amazing young daughters make me happy every day!
  • Living in Montana, we have the opportunity to enjoy all the beautiful northwest has to offer! I love to travel, go camping and enjoy the outdoors with my family!
  • I am a network marketing professional and a full-time K-12 school librarian.
  • I am proud to have earned my undergraduate B.S. in Business Education at the University of Idaho, making me an Idaho Vandal. However, I secretly hope our daughters become Montana State University Bobcats like my husband…that way they will be closer to home!
  • I earned my M.Ed. in technology in education in 2010.
  • I love reading and learning…especially about holistic wellness! I am a total nerd… and this makes me happy!





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2 comments on “About Me

  1. Could you send me info on your Oils 101 class you are having on I think March 15th?
    I have some friends who could use your info.
    Thank you
    John Marcella

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